TimberTech/Azek Decking Review and Cost 2024

TimberTech is one of the more recognizable brands to the average consumer, and it’s also easy to acquire. The company joined forces with AZEK back in 2012, and together they have produced some excellent products including capped composite boards and PVC decking. Their current lineup is tiered as well, so there are styles for budget-conscious homeowners along with premium products with lengthy warranties.

Types of TimberTech(Azek) Composite Decking

TimberTech has three collections and a couple of specialty products Called ReilaBoard and DockSider. Their impressive lineup can be difficult to break down if you’re new to decking, so we’ve put together a table to show you differences between each style of decking.




Total Colors



TimberTech AZEK

Capped PVC



50 Years/Limited Lifetime

TimberTech PRO

4-sided capped composite



30 Years/30 Years

TimberTech EDGE

3-sided capped composite



25 Years/30 Years


Composite, Solid



NA/ 30Years

TimberTech AZEK Review

AZEK is the best series from TimbeTech if you prefer capped PVC to traditional composite boards. There are three decking collections to choose from with Vintage, Arbor, and Harvest along with a collection of Porch boards available in 13 different colors.

TimberTech AZEK Decking Colors

TimberTech AZEK Decking Colors

Capped PVC tends to be hit or miss when it comes to copying the natural look of wood. The AZEK lineup does a remarkable job of mimicking the good properties while giving you a resilient deck that will outlast wood or composite boards. The Vintage Collection has the most wood-like shades with Cypress, Dark Hickory, Mahogany, Coastline, English Walnut, and Weathered Teak. These boards have a wire-brushed finish as you’ll find on hardwood flooring and multi-color variegation with varying patterns.

Vintage carries a premium price tag as does the Porch Collection with six variegated and three monochrome colors. The Harvest Collection has a cathedral style pattern, so it looks more like real wood although the colors give it a painted look with Slate Gray, Kona, and Brownstone. We’re also fans of the Arbor Collection with its budget-friendly price tag and shades ranging from a light Hazelwood to dark Brazilian Walnut.

TimberTech AZEK Porch Colors

TimberTech AZEK Porch Colors

Pricing for this line varies as much as the widths and lengths across each collection. The AZEK Arbor and Harvest collections come in the standard 1” x 5.5” size, but the lengths vary between 12 – 20 feet depending on the shade with Arbor. Harvest is fairly straightforward aside from Kona which doesn’t give you the option of a grooved profile.

The Porch Collection has four colors available in the standard width and tongue & groove profile, but you can opt for 3.5” planks as well which opens things up considerably. As for the Vintage Collection, there are three widths with 3.5”, 5.5” and 7 ¼” deck boards, but you can only pick up 12-foot planks if you go with a grooved profile.

TimberTech PRO Review

If you prefer an encapsulated product to PVC, the TimberTech PRO line may be more your speed. These boards are covered on all four sides, so moisture will never be an issue, and the 30-year guarantee against staining and fading is better than what you’ll get from most brands.

TimberTech PRO Colors

TimberTech PRO Colors

TimberTech kept things nice and uniform for this series so you’ll deal with standard profiles, widths, and lengths. There are three collections, however, and each one brings something unique to the table. The Terrain Collection sports a dual-embossed pattern resembling wood grain and comes in three monochromatic colors and two variegated shades. The Tropical Collection has a similar price point but with a cathedral wood grain pattern, advanced color variegation and four colors.

The highlight of this series is the Legacy Collection due to a hand-scraped finish and variable pattern. The grain isn’t the only thing that varies considering there the boards have a multi-color variegated system with colors that cascade so that no two boards are identical. There are seven hues in this collection, and most range from medium to dark.

TimberTech Edge Review

All the best decking companies have a budget series, and TimberTech is no different. The Edge Series is another line of capped composite boards although these are only covered on three sides instead of four, so they are not reversible, and the color options are limited.

TimberTech Edge Colors

TimberTech Edge Colors

TimberTech Edge comes in two collections with Premier and Prime. The biggest difference between the two is size and color as the Premier Collection has slightly smaller planks but four colors with Dark Teak, Maritime Gray, Tidal Sand, and Beachwood Gray. The Prime Collection only has Dark Teak and Maritime Gray decking, and both styles come in standard lengths and widths with a tight, straight pattern.

Specialty Products

TimberTech DockSider and ReilaBoard Colors

TimberTech DockSider and ReilaBoard Colors

We normally don’t cover specialty boards, but we’re going to make an exception this time around for DockSider and ReilaBoard. These composite boards are uncapped but have a protective shell to give them a degree of resistance to UV rays, staining, and moisture.  Both use the same two monochromatic colors with Cedar and Gray, but the DockSider Collection has a slip-resistant surface with a vertical grain pattern.

These boards are ideal for any area near the water and can handle high-traffic better than other composites in this class. The ReliaBoard Collection can deal with the basic elements but has a unique surface compared to the other collections. These planks are designed to handle fading and wear by blending things together naturally through weathering.  ReliaBoards come in standard lengths and widths while DockSider decking clocks in at 1 ¼” x 5.5”.

Where to Purchase TimberTech Decking

Unless you luck up and find a local dealer or distributor that has TimberTech in stock, you’ll need to order this decking online. Thankfully, there are several options to choose from compared to other brands, so you can check out retailers like Schillings and the Deckstoreonline along with Home Depot and Lowes.

Due to the popularity of the product, you shouldn’t have a difficult time sourcing any of the collections or series. With that in mind, here’s a rough idea of what to expect…

TimberTech Decking Cost

Series and Collection

12 foot

16 foot

20 foot

TimberTech AZEK Harvest Brownstone




TimberTech AZEK Vintage Weathered Teak




TimberTech Pro Legacy Pecan




TimberTech Pro Terrain Sandy Birch




TimberTech Edge Prime & Premier




Reilaboard Grey








TimberTech/Azek Pros, Cons, and Ratings

When you’re not sure what style of decking you want, but appreciate a wide range of colors, it’s hard to go wrong with TimberTech’s various series and collections. All the information you need for each product is available on their official site, and while you can’t order direct, you can pick up free samples of shorter boards or purchase samples at a longer length.

Pros: TimberTech makes a high-quality product, but they also have the largest selection we’ve seen… and we didn’t even touch on any products from previous lines which are still available online. We also love the fact they offer several collections in three board widths with narrow, standard and wide at 7.25”.

Cons: While we hesitate to call this decking expensive, the cost is a little more than you’ll have to pay from brands like Trex or Fiberon. There are also companies that offer better warranties on their budget lines from a structural standpoint.


  • Range of color/style options: 5
  • Overall Quality: 4
  • Stain Resistance: 4
  • UV Resistance: 4
  • Scratch Resistance: 3
  • Overall Rating: 4 out of 5 

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Feel free to leave a comment to share your reviews of TimberTech/Azek decking below.


Q: Which TimberTech deck line has the most resilient boards?

A: The TimberTech AZEK collection from a warranty standpoint if you don’t mind the look and feel of PVC planks. With composites, their TimberTech PRO line is highly durable and capped on all four sides.

Q: Is TimberTech decking a good choice around pools or water?

A: It’s an excellent choice. TimberTech decking is resistant to moisture, which makes them ideal for use around water.

Q: Is TimberTech produced in the United States?

A: Yes, their decking is manufactured in two states with Scranton, Pennsylvania, and Wilmington in Ohio.

Q: My TimberTech decking has mold growth; what should I do?

A: While composite decking is designed to be resistant to mold, it can still occur under the right circumstances. While not as easy to remove as general dirt and grim, the company recommends using TimberTech DeckCleaner.

Q: What’s the difference between the Prime and Prime+ collections from TimberTech?

A: The colors. Both have a scalloped board profile and come in two colors, but the Prime collection features monochromatic hues while the planks from the Prime+ collection are color-blended.

Q: Can I paint or stain my decks if they fade?

A: TimberTech’s product lines have fade and stain warranties ranging from 25 to 50 years, depending on the product line. Fading shouldn’t be an issue, and composite decking is not designed to take paint or stain.

Q: Are TimberTech’s porch and deck boards the same?

A: To a degree. Both styles have boards that are 12,’ and 16’ long and are made from the same type of material. Porch boards also come in 10’ lengths, however, and have a tongue and groove profile.

Q: Does TimberTech use recycled material in their products?

A: Yes, but the amount varies. With the AZEK lineup, you will find planks with 54% recycled content while the TimberTech EDGE and PRO collections contain 80%.

Q: Are TimberTech and AZEK the same company?

A: Yes, but that wasn’t always the case. They were two separate entities until 2012 when AZEK’s parent company, CPG International, acquired TimberTech.

Q: Can I use other brands of composite deck cleaner on TimberTech decks?

A: While some products are safe, it is best to follow their guidelines with cleaning or stick to their branded products. Even some popular composite deck cleaners like Thompson’s are not designed for use with TimberTech’s product lines.

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