Best Vacuum for Small Apartments

If you live in a small apartment, there’s a strong chance you’ll need more than a broom and dustpan to keep your place tidy. A great vacuum cleaner is your best bet, but despite what the internet may lead you to believe, there are no vacuum cleaner designed specifically for … Read More

Best Vacuum for Pet Hair

Pet hair is a major problem for millions of Americans, and it can be difficult to remove from certain types of flooring without the right gear. In most cases, a good vacuum cleaner will do the trick with general dirt and debris, but pet hair presents a different problem altogether. The … Read More

The Best Vacuum for Allergies

If you suffer from allergies or asthma, keeping your home clean is of the utmost importance. It can also turn into a full-time job unless you choose the best vacuum for allergies. Unfortunately, these vacuums don’t fall under a special category, which makes it easy for any manufacturer to claim … Read More