Trafficmaster Allure Vinyl Plank Reviews and Prices 2024

Trafficmaster is a massive brand, and you can find their name on everything from carpet tiles to luxury vinyl flooring. The Trafficmaster Allure brand is one of the company’s newer product lines and something that garners considerable interest among consumers as it’s stocked and sold by Home Depot in the United States.

Trafficmaster Allure Vinyl Flooring Review

Actually finding the Allure line isn’t that simple. Trafficmaster doesn’t have an official website, so any information on their products comes directly from individual listings on Home Depot. Unfortunately, when you search by brand, you’ll get a lot of “Trafficmaster” with no mention of the Allure branding.

When you do a wide search for allure vinyl, the results are quite different, and you’ll see results from Trafficmaster, boards branded Allure Ultra, and one oddball called Trafficmaster Allure Plus. While everything you see falls under the Trafficmaster Allure branding, all the boards listed as Trafficmaster are cheaper than the Ultra series. Simply put, both types are Allure luxury vinyl flooring, but there is a significant difference in quality between each line.

Trafficmaster Allure

We consider the regular Trafficmaster Allure lineup as their basic collection considering there is only one style priced above $1.99 per square foot. There are only three styles of tile with Sedona, Red Rock, and Ashlar. Each color or style is 3.8mm thick with ceramic bead surface coating and rated as water-resistant. All are easy to clean and scratch-resistant as well, but Sedona and Red Rock only have a 25-year guarantee while Ashlar is covered for a lifetime.

Trafficmaster Allure Construction

When it comes to their luxury vinyl plank flooring, every style we checked had a 25-year warranty. The FloorScore certified boards have a 4mil wear layer and are 3.8mm thick as well. They are also rated as water-resistant and use the company’s Allure GripStrip technology which makes installation a breeze. At present, there are around a dozen styles in this collection.

Trafficmaster Allure Ultra

The Trafficmaster Allure Ultra collection kicks things up a notch in several areas, although the selection is still sparse with only a dozen or so options. There are only a couple of luxury vinyl tiles that resemble Marble or Travertine. Those tiles are thicker than the regular collection at 5mm and rated as 100% waterproof… not water-resistant. Needless to say, you don’t need to worry about installing these tiles in bathrooms or kitchens.

Trafficmaster Allure Ultra

The wood-look luxury vinyl tile selection is a bit more varied and thicker as well. There are several darker shades like Aspen Oak Black and Durban Oak to go along with a nice mix of lighter colored boards as well. All the boards are covered with a lifetime guarantee, just like the tile, and can be installed anywhere considering they’re waterproof. You’ll pay around $1.00 more per square foot for Allure Ultra flooring, but it’s worth it if you care about thickness and want a good warranty.

Designs & Durability

We’re not going to spend much time here as we’ve already told you the Trafficmaster Allure collections are limited in scope when it comes to style. They do have a nice array of colors and textures on display, however, and introduce some interesting species like Elm, Acacia, Mahogany, and Cherry. Travertine, Marble and Slate are the main options with stone look vinyl tile.

We’ve already told you how thick Allure luxury vinyl tiles and planks are and how long you can expect from the company’s warranty with both their collections. As these are Stainmaster products, you can also expect excellent resistance to stains and scratches. We didn’t see many complaints about durability from consumers when the Allure line was properly installed.


One of the great things about luxury vinyl flooring is the fact it comes in so many sizes. You can generally find narrow or wide planks and tiles that are rectangular if you don’t like squares. Unfortunately, Trafficmaster kept things a little too simple with their Allure collection as they’ve streamlined the sizes out of their series.

The basic collection has planks measuring 6” x 36” while the tiles are listed at 12” x 36” across the board regardless of style. Stainmaster Allure Ultra luxury vinyl planks are a little wider and longer at 7.5” x 46,” but the tiles aren’t quite as wide at 12” x 24”. Compared to other luxury vinyl manufacturers, Stainmaster missed the mark with their sizing, although 7” boards aren’t a bad standard to have on your premium products.

The Green Factor

Home Depot doesn’t go into great deal about the eco-friendliness of Trafficmaster Allure flooring, but we know it’s safe to use indoors. All the product listings we checked were listed as FloorScore certified, so indoor air quality won’t be a concern. As you might expect, there’s no mention of recycled content being used in their products, and we don’t know if they are recyclable.


All luxury vinyl products are easy to install as long as your floor is sound and free of debris. The method of installation is important; however, as some styles of flooring can still be tricky to install. There are two ways to install Trafficmaster Allure vinyl planks or tile, but both are easy and don’t require anything more expensive than a razor knife, so tools won’t be a concern.

Their basic line of flooring uses Allure GripStrips, while the Allure lineup has boards with interlocking edges. Whether you prefer a floating floor or the Grip Strip method, the planks and tiles can be installed at any grade. You can also install them over almost any hard surface, including tile, concrete, wood, and vinyl. Consumers didn’t have a problem installing flooring from the Allure Ultra lineup, and you won’t either.

Trafficmaster Allure Vinyl Plank Cost & Availability 

If you live within driving distance of a Home Depot, there’s a strong chance you can pick up a sample of Trafficmaster Allure luxury vinyl flooring locally or even browse the entire collection. You can purchase their flooring online from Home Depot as well if you prefer digital shopping to brick and mortar stores.





Trafficmaster Allure Ultra

Luxury Vinyl Plank

Durban Oak

$2.99 sq. ft.

Trafficmaster Allure

Luxury Vinyl Tile


$2.29 sq. ft.

Trafficmaster Allure

Luxury Vinyl Plank

Blonde Maple

$1.99 sq. ft.

Trafficmaster Allure Ultra

Luxury Vinyl Tile

Carrara White

$2.99 sq. ft.

Trafficmaster Allure

Luxury Vinyl Plank


$1.99 sq. ft.

Trafficmaster Allure Ultra

Luxury Vinyl Plank

Sawcut Arizona

$2.99 sq. ft.

Trafficmaster Allure Vinyl Plank Pros, Cons and Ratings

Compared to other store brands, the Stainmaster Allure lineup has solid scores from consumers. We didn’t see enough complaints in any single area to cause any concern, although it’s still flooring that’s in classified in the budget to mid-range tier from a quality standpoint.


Both the Trafficmaster and Allure collections have reasonable price points. Lifetime warranty on the Allure line and they are 100% waterproof.


Limited selection in terms of styles, colors, and species. Only a handful of tile options and they only have one size of LVP for each collection.


  • Style Options: 3
  • Size Options: 2
  • Durability: 4
  • Eco-Friendly: 3
  • Overall Rating: 3.75 out of 5

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TrafficMaster Allure FAQ

Q: My local Home Depot doesn’t have the style I want, can I order TrafficMaster Allure directly?

A: No. Unfortunately, the TrafficMaster Allure line is only sold through Home Depot at this time. If the style you are interested in is unavailable online or in your local store, a sales associate may be able to order it for you.

Q: What type of TrafficMaster Allure flooring should I use in high-traffic areas of my home?

A: While all of the company’s luxury vinyl planks and tile are resilient, some have a better warranty or wear layer. When durability is a concern, look for Allure flooring that comes with a lifetime guarantee.

Q: Will I be able to use TrafficMaster Allure vinyl plank flooring for wall installations?

A: You will want to contact the company beforehand. Some forms of LVP work well on walls, while others are only made for floors and will void your warranty.

Q: Which style of TrafficMaster Allure is best suited for homes with pets?

A: One of the advantages of luxury vinyl flooring is the fact its ideal for homes with pets. Any boards from the TrafficMaster Allure collection will work well in homes with pets, but you’ll still want to keep nails trimmed and clean up spills or accidents quickly.

Q: Is TrafficMaster Allure eco-friendly, or will it produce VOCs?

A: TrafficMaster’s flooring is certified by FloorScore, so it will not emit harmful VOCs or adversely affect the air quality inside your home.

Q: Can I install TrafficMaster Allure in a commercial setting?

A: Yes, but you won’t get the same protection from the warranty compared to residential usage. In most cases, you can expect a 10-year guarantee from Allure or Allure Ultra when used in a commercial setting.

Q: Can I install TrafficMaster Allure in basements or below-grade rooms?

A: Yes. The Allure Ultra line currently sold through Home Depot is listed as suitable for installation in rooms that are below-grade.

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