How to Remove Tile from a Concrete Floor

Tile is an outstanding flooring material for bathrooms, kitchens, and other areas where water can be an issue. It can add considerable value to your home as well, and while other materials can mimic its look and style, a good looking tile job is unmistakable. Unfortunately, if those tiles are attached … Read More

Laminate Flooring Installation Tools

Laminate flooring is an affordable solution in homes when you need something durable and engineered flooring isn’t an option. Given the way most modern laminate flooring is manufactured, it’s also one of the easiest forms of flooring to install yourself. While the laminate flooring may be simple to install, you can’t … Read More

Composite Decking Prices and Installation Cost 2024

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Cork Flooring Prices and Installation Cost 2024

Cork is one of the newer materials in the flooring world, and something many consumers fall in love with at first sight. While just as exotic as bamboo flooring, cork has unique properties not found with other flooring materials. It’s also considerably softer underfoot than hardwood, laminate, and luxury vinyl. … Read More

Cost to Refinish Hardwood Floors 2024

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Epoxy Flooring Cost 2024

When you want to cover a concrete floor inside or your home or a slab outdoors, epoxy is often the best option. It’s an affordable solution to other styles of flooring often found in garages and basements, but the cost of epoxy flooring depends on a number of factors. We’re … Read More

Bamboo vs Hardwood Flooring

When choosing wood flooring for your home, it’s easy to become overwhelmed with the wealth of options. From Cherry and Pine to Jatoba, there are well over a dozen species to choose from. While bamboo isn’t a wood, it has become a popular choice for consumers in recent years. That’s … Read More

Backsplash Installation Cost 2024

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How Much Does It Cost To Tile a Shower or Bathroom

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Best Garage Flooring Options and Ideas

While a garage technically isn’t inside of your home, it’s still part of the house and one that tends to see a lot of wear and tear. That’s why you won’t find hardwood flooring in garages although there are a few flooring alternatives that will certainly surprise you. The best garage … Read More