What is the Best Flooring for Dogs – Laminate, Vinyl or Special Wood?

Dogs. They may be man’s best friend, but they can wreak havoc indoors on your furniture and flooring. Carpet is their favorite type of floor for comfort and traction but it’s not the best flooring by dogs for fairly obvious reasons. Unless your pooch is perfectly trained, you’ll spend more … Read More

What is the Best Flooring For Basement – Rubber, Vinyl or Laminate?

Basements all have one thing in common regardless of the style of your home – they are all below-grade. When dealing with basement flooring, there are special considerations you need to keep in mind as flooring is fickle. What works above ground, may not be ideal for your basement so … Read More

Eucalyptus Flooring Reviews: Pros and Cons, Prices, Best Brands 2021

We’ve seen a surge in the production of eco-friendly wood products in recent years as companies turn towards sustainable materials like cork and bamboo. Eucalyptus flooring is an often overlooked alternative that can be just as hard are traditional woods, but cheaper to install. If you’ve been curious about this mysterious … Read More