Envision Decking Reviews and Prices 2024

Composite decking has not been around nearly as long as other building materials, and EverGrain decking was one of the first brands to burst onto the scene. A product of Envision decking, EverGrain is still an excellent option for homeowners today.

We briefly discussed this brand when we covered the best composite deck review, but this time around, we're going to take a look at their classic product. We are also going to tell you what to expect from the company's other three decking lines under the Envision brand.

Envision Decking Collections

Envision Decking Reviews

Envision has been producing EverGrain decking for around twenty years, but since that time, they have expanded their lineup to include other products. Over the past decade, they moved into capped composite decking doing with accessories like skirting, railing, screws in the EverClip hidden fastener system. All of the company's decking is compression molded, which adds greater detail and a more grain-like texture.

Envision EverGrain Decking

EverGrain decking is an affordable bull composite deck board that's available in four different colors. Homeowners looking for something traditional will appreciate Weathered Wood, Cedar or Redwood while Cape Cod Gray offers nice change-of-pace. As these multi-tinged boards are uncapped, you can expect them to fade over time naturally as they weather outdoors.

Envision Distinction Decking

the distinction decking collection from Envision is there premium composite deck line. These boards are capped with a random wood grain pattern. This collection only has four colors available as well, but each board features of variation of between 4 to 6 colors. GreyWood, Rustic Walnut, Spiced Teak, and Shaded Auburn are in-line with EverGrain from a color standpoint, just far more detailed.

Envision Inspiration

If you prefer blended colors in your deck boards, you will want to check out the Envision Inspiration decking collection. While Weathered Wicker, Tangled Twine, and Barnwood Plank aren't quite as wild compared to the distinction line, the color variations are noticeable but natural. These two-tone blended boards have a bonded outer layer, just like the companies premium series.

Envision Expression Decking

The most affordable capped composite deck board from Envision decking comes from the expression taking collection. These compressed boards have distinct green patterns with no repetition across the board. There is no color variation but there are four colors to choose from with canyon Ridge, Caribou Brown, Woodland Bark, and Harbor Grey.

Envision EverGrain Deck Warranties

EverGrain maybe the companies oldest brand of decking and uncapped, but you'll still get a solid warranty. There is a 25-year guarantee on that collection for residential use, and TAMKO applies the same warranty to the Envision decking collections under their banner as well. Homeowners can transfer their warranty one time, but only within the first 5 years. Oddly enough, their hidden fastener system and deck screws are only guaranteed for 20 years.

Envision Deck Sizes

All boards from Envision Decking are sold in standard sizes. That means you can choose from 12’, 26’, and 20’ deck boards. Sizes are standard as well, but only with the Envision lines, not EverGrain. The Distinction, Inspiration, and Expression collections are all sized at 1” x 6” nominally. The EverGrain deck boards are available in that size as well, but you can also choose a variant v measuring 2” x 6”.

Where to Purchase EverGrain and Inspiration Decking

Envision's lineup of decking products aren't as widely available as boards from TimberTech. That means you won't find them in large hardware stores like Home Depot, so your next option is to search for a local source through the company's website. We were able to find several Envision deck dealers through this method although no pricing information is available.

Envision Decking Pros, Cons, and Ratings

You won’t find nearly as many colors from the EverGrain collection or Envision's other lineups compared to larger brands. That said, their two premium lines look just as good as the big brand's deck boards. Their budget-friendly decking lines are nice looking as well, just not quite as realistic.

Pros: Nice price points across the collections. All decking including the affordable EverGrain series, is made in the USA. Solid 25-year warranty on their decking.

Cons: Lack of colors compared to other brands. Their decking could be difficult to obtain and price depending on where you live.


  • Color & Style: 3
  • Stain Resistance: 3.8
  • UV Resistance: 4
  • Scratch Resistance: 4
  • Overall Quality: 3.8 out of 5

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Q: What type of floor mats are safe to use with Envision composite decking?

A: With any composite decking, it’s best to use products that have a natural backing layer or deemed safe for use on vinyl or composite decks. Rubber-backed mats and other styles may stain or adversely affect the color of your deck.

Q: Which collection of Envision decking is considering the most durable?

A: While some of the company’s collections fall into the premium class, all their composite deck lines come with a limited 25-year guarantee for both residential and commercial use.

Q: How much weathering can I expect from Envision decking?

A: A variety of factors determine how your deck will weather, including how much direct sunlight it receives and the climate in your area. The company recommends using material from the same lots when possible as well in case a degree of weathered has occurred prior to shipping.

Q: Is there one style of Envision that’s more realistic than another?

A: While that depends on how natural you perceive composite decking in general, Ridge Premium, Distinction, and Inspiration all have a multi-tone appearance.

Q: What’s the easiest way to remove rust stains from metal patio furniture?

A: Envision recommends using Flood Dekswoodor cleaner and brightener or BEHR Premium 2-in-1 Wood Prep 63. Other cleaning solutions that have phosphoric or oxalic acids are also options.

Q: Can Envision decking be cleaned with a pressure washer?

A: Yes. While a garden hose can handle most grime, you can use a pressure washer under 1,000 PSI with a fan-tip nozzle.

Q: What is Envision’s 5-year Full Start period?

A: This policy covers the cost of replacements during the first 5-years if you experience issues like splitting, splinters, or extreme degradation. It covers Envision decking, Marquee Railing, and the company’s TAM-RAIL system.

Q: Can I purchase skirting to match my deck?

A: Yes. Envision carries companion skirting to match all four of their current collections with Expression, EverGrain, Inspiration, and Distinction.

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