Trex Railing Reviews and Cost 2024

Many homeowners are turning away from traditional materials in favor of composite materials for deck, porch, balcony and stair railings. At the forefront of this growing trend sits Trex. In this Trex railing review, we’re going to look at the brand, Trex, the various products it produces – aluminum and … Read More

RDI Railing Reviews and Cost 2024

If you are in the market for outdoor railing, especially vinyl railing, it will not be long before you come across Railing Dynamics, Inc. (RDI) because they are the number one vinyl railing manufacturer in the United States and an industry leader and innovator of easy to install railing systems. This … Read More

Westbury Aluminum Railing Reviews, Installation and Cost

Content Navigation Intro to Westbury Aluminum RailingsSix Ways BetterExclusive Powder Coating ProcessStyles of Westbury Aluminum RailingsTuscany SeriesVerandaVertiCableMontego SeriesRiviera SeriesAdd-ons and AccessoriesGatesDrink RailsADA Compliant HandrailingScreen RailMounts, Posts, and SupportsVarious Post AccessoriesWhere and How to Purchase Westbury Aluminum RailingsWestbury Aluminum Railings CostsHow to Install Westbury Aluminum RailingsStep 1: Post InstallationStep 1: Post … Read More

Fiberon Railing Reviews, Installation and Cost

Content Navigation Intro to Fiberon RailingThe Sustainability MantraThe Six Ways Fiberon is DifferentFiberon Railing ProductsHavenView CountrySideHavenView CitySideBrio RhythmArmorGuardWhere to Purchase Fiberon Railing Systems and CostsFiberon Railing Installation SampleNeed Help Installing Fiberon Railings? Intro to Fiberon RailingThe Fiberon name may be known more for its composite decking products. The principles Fiberon … Read More

Fortress Railing Reviews and Cost

Fortress Railing

Fortress Railing prides itself on toughness, durability, and quality. The brand fancies itself as “one of the strongest in the industry”. The railing solutions offered by Fortress Building Products are the result of 40 years of innovative thinking, culminating in the Outdurable Living mindset. Outdurable Living means Fortress products are a durable, … Read More

TimberTech/Azek Railing Reviews and Cost

TimberTech Railing

Intro to TimberTech RailingTimberTech is a leader in the decking, railing, and outdoor living materials industry. Their products can be used in projects from small to grand, simple to luxurious. The award winning TimberTech has been a consistent presence in quality rankings, including the #1 quality decking manufacturer in the 2019 BUILDER … Read More

Composite Deck Railing Reviews and Cost

composite deck railing

What is Composite Deck Railing?Many would assume composite deck railing includes anything that is not natural (wood). Composite deck railing contains a variety of ingredients that make up its consistency, strength, and texture.Assuming composite railings are all the same is equivalent to walking through the produce department at the grocery … Read More

Vinyl Deck Railing Reviews, Installation and Cost

Vinyl Deck Railing

What is Vinyl Railing?What if I told you there was a deck railing option that was affordable, easy to install, and requires minimal maintenance? Would you believe it?You should! Vinyl deck railings fulfill all those attributes while looking great and offering myriad design options for almost any setting. Vinyl deck railing … Read More

Wood Deck Railing Reviews, Installation and Cost

wood decking railings

If you are here to simply learn what wood deck railing is made from, it is made of wood. There ya go! For those of you looking for a little more information about whether wood deck railings are right for you, read on! Content Navigation What is Wood Deck Railing?To … Read More

Stainless Steel Cable Railing Reviews, Installation and Cost

What is Stainless Steel Cable Railing?Stainless steel cable railing is loosely defined as any railing system that uses stainless steel cables as infill. Infill is the material used to “fill” the area between posts and below the handrail. If you picture a standard staircase with a railing you might imagine wooden … Read More