How to Install Trex Decking | Composites Installation

Trex composite decking is one of the most popular brands on the market today. While we get many questions about the brand, most revolve around Trex pricing and how to install their products. The good news is that the company has plenty of information online, including complete manuals.With that in … Read More

Trex Decking Problems – Disadvantages of Composite Decking

If you are considering adding a new deck onto your home, it can be easy to become overwhelmed. That’s partly due to the number of options available to homeowners today, but also because of installation issues and decking problems across the industry.One of the more common questions we get from … Read More

Best Waterproof Decking Material Options

Waterproof Decking

A few decades ago, affordable waterproof decking was something many homeowners dreamed of but was out of reach for most. That changed as new manufacturing techniques evolved, and unique products were introduced like PVC and composites. Unfortunately, a lot of manufacturers bill their decking as waterproof, when that isn’t the case … Read More

Tongue and Groove Decking Reviews

Tongue and Groove Decking

Out of all the types of decking available to homeowners today, one of the more interesting options involves tongue and groove boards. While commonly used for porches, these planks can also be used to build a deck from traditional wood or composite boards.  In this review, we will explain a … Read More

Composite Decking Reviews: Brands, Colors and Cost


It’s hard to find a building material in the past 20 years that has grown in popularity as much as composite lumber. While it’s still mainly used for decking, homeowners and contractors  have found a variety of outdoor uses for this unique material. If you’re considering  purchasing composite decking for … Read More

What is Pressure Treated Wood?

Pressure Treated Wood

When you are considering undertaking an outdoor project like a deck frame or wooden fence, the first material most homeowners consider is treated wood. This popular type of timber is used in everything from planter boxes to swing sets. It’s ideal for structural applications on your property, and in this … Read More

Composite vs Wood vs PVC Decking: Which is Better and How Much They Cost

Composite decking, Wood decking, PVC decking

Homeowners interested in building a deck for their home have more options at their disposal today than ever before. With that in mind, traditional wood, composite planks, and PVC decking are by far the most popular choices. They are also three materials that are completely different from one another. In … Read More

Cedar Decking Cost and Installation 2024

Cedar Decking

Composite decking is one of the more popular options for homeowners considering building  a new deck on their property. While many companies have turned towards using recycled content in their products, it’s not a replacement for natural wood. Of those natural alternatives, cedarwood has long been at the top of … Read More