Cork Flooring Pros and Cons

Cork is a material we’ve touched on numerous times, and something most of our readers will be familiar with. It’s used in everything from wine stoppers to sandals and has become an interesting option for flooring as well. Given cork floorings’ rise in popularity, more companies are producing this type of … Read More

Can I Use Cork Flooring in My Kitchen?

We’ve often talked about how cork flooring is a great choice in various rooms of the home, especially where comfort is concerned. Bathrooms and kitchens are two areas that come under scrutiny with cork flooring, and while we don’t recommend it for bathrooms, it is very popular in kitchens. In … Read More

Cork Flooring Prices and Installation Cost 2022

Cork is one of the newer materials in the flooring world, and something many consumers fall in love with at first sight. While just as exotic as bamboo flooring, cork has unique properties not found with other flooring materials. It’s also considerably softer underfoot than hardwood, laminate, and luxury vinyl. We’re … Read More